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Crossing Communication Strategies
We are now moving from a time dependent on mass media marketing towards an era where several communication approaches are being combined in order to find and strike the right chord with the audience. While calling into account the structural transition of the marketplace from needs to wants, our company intercrosses various media including advertising, copy-editing, the Internet, and PR in order to better appeal to effective branding and sales strategies as we continue along our path to success.
The essence of advertising is to capture people's attention. Various results are seen for the various functions of each media platform. We suggest the most suitable media strategy, exploit each unique characteristic of that medium and then combine them with those of other media platforms in order to strike right through to the heart of the potential client's needs.

Cl: Daiichi Kangyo Bank (now Mizuho Bank), Heart Card*
*As advertising production company Les Mains.

Production Media
Creative Director/Copywriter 1986-1996
Newspapers Magazines
Magazines Brochures

Kyoko Koizumi: The Face of Daiichi Kangyo Bank 2001
Posters Commercials

In addition to those shown above, we also provide creative direction and writing services for designing and creating posters, commercials (TV, radio and cinema), POP displays, annual reports and public relations magazines.

Household Media
Editorial Advertising   Advertising
Creative Director/Copy Writer
Cl: Yamaha Livingtech
Creative Director/Copywriter
Cl: Panahome magazine

Advertising, Editor, PR   Broadcasting program
Newspapers      Books
Ads: Newspapers, magazine
PR: Books
Creative Director/Copywriter
Cl: Air Move Housing (Gunma Prefecture)
Creative Director/Scriptwriter

Annual report for individual investors

Cl: Cybird

Children's Clothing
Brochure (32 pages)
Creative Director/Copywriter
Cl: Ginza Sayegusa 2002-2003

Hair Growth Tonic “Kaminosuke”
Blanding~Advartising, Web site, Product Design, PR
Creative Director/Copywriter
Cl: IM Institute (Kagoshima Prefecture)
We excel in brand-building that covers this and other key aspects of marketing strategy.
Fer more information, please see [BRANDING] in Communication Strategies page.

We construct project plans from the position and perspective of the readers and dig down deep on the themes that most interest them. Our seasoned staff are dispatched straight to the source in order to gather information firsthand. This enables us to create unique magazines that are not only attractive to look at but informative as well. These claims can be backed up further by our post renewal-project figures, as sampled below (projects 1 and 2).
Our stand-alone articles (as seen in projects 3 and 4) lay claim to the same high standards as mentioned above and have fascinated readers and significantly increased the number of inquiries regarding materials for topics as well as sales figures.
Several of the businesses and individuals featured in these carried articles have also gone on to become trusted clients who are now working with us on various advertising and marketing projects. For more information, please see Edit page.

Public Relations Magazines
1. LF (Life forward to the Future)
Creative Director / Editor-in-Chief
Cl: Daikyo Group
The number of letters sent in by readers more than tripled within just one year of renewing the magazine and has maintained this number since.
'07-present (circulation: 374,000 copies)
For more information, please see [Public Relations Magazine] in Communication Strategies page.
2. Housing & Living
Creative Director / Editor-in-Chief
Cl: Daiichi Kangyo Bank Housing Center 1993-1996
For more information, please see [Public Relations Magazine] in Communication Strategies page.
3. Wingspan
"Tabisuru Ikebukuro (tr. Culinary Adventures)" travelogue series for in-flight magazine Wingspan 2005-2006
For more information, please see [Public Relations Magazine] in Communication Strategies page.

Weekly Post
Weekly Post      Books
“Long-Time Bestseller” for the Monthly Post '94-95
For more information, please see [Public Relations Magazine] in Communication Strategies page.

IT Business & Web Strategies
With the ever-expanding potential of "crowd computing" a worthy case in point, our company harnesses the unlimited, still-unleashed potential of the Internet to create new businesses linked to a rich and fulfilling future.

1. Creating Homes over the Web: Cat! Project
Producer / Creative Director / Copywriter

This was an Internet-based marketing project we created in response to a request from Misawa Homes, who was a client of Housing & Living magazine (see Edit page) at the time, in order to come up with a way to "take home construction to a new level using the Internet."

Cl: Misawa Home 1999-2001

2. Cat! Project approach adapted for OZARA series
Producer / Creative Director / Copywriter

Following the success of Cat! Project, this same approach was then adopted for use in the development plan of rental condominium series OZAREA, a project commissioned to ecFuture by developer Starts.
For more information, plaease see [IT Business Model] in IT Business & Web page.

OZAREA Myoten I  2000-02 Cl: Starts


Marketing Strategies in IT Application, etc.
Cl: Orient Corporation: 2002-present

Producer / Creative Director / Copywriter
Cl: Virgin Cinemas Japan: Website 1999-02

Cl: Famima.com: Mitsukoshi
Mitsukoshi Midyear & Year-End Gifts website 2001-02

Cl: Orix: Column “IT Tamatebako (tr. IT Magic Toolbox)” 2002

Cl: Kurashi no Techo: Cellphone-access website e-Kurashi no Techo (tr. e-Living Guide)2001

Email Newsletter
Creative Director / Copywriter
Cl:Daihatsu kogyo: Monthly 1999-2002

Cl: So-net: Shopping letter: Biweekly 2001

New Project 2010-present
Produder / Creative Director / Copywriter
The kou-fuku.jp project is a membership-based business organization managed by us at ecFuture, that offers assistance to SMEs and individual businesses dealing in the food industry. It offers online shopping services on behalf of its members. For more information, please see New Project.

Cl:Il pleut sur la Seine■branding
Produder / Creative Director / Copywriter
We are currently undertaking a new project for Il Pleut Sur La Seine, the official king of French sweets http://www.ilpleut.co.jp/. For the duration of this project, we will be in charge of PR and sales promotions activities here in Japan. For more information, please see New Project.

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