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Company overview
Name ecFuture Company, Limited
Date of establishment January 2001
Head Office 1-18-21 Shinmachi,Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 1540-014 JAPAN
Number of employees 5 (excluding part-time employees)
Executives Representative - Takuji Shokawa
Telephone 81-3-5758-7170
Fax 81-3-3703-1013
Email shokawa@em.catv.ne.jp
Main Services 1. Advertising Production Projects
2. Internet Business Projects
3. Editing and Publishing Production Projects
Major Services ◆ Consulting Services from Product Development to Strategy Planning and Execution
◆ Consulting Services for Internet-Based Trading and Production of Communication Tools
· Website Design and Creation
· Email Newsletter Design and Creation
· Email Advertisement Design and Creation
· Mobile Phone Content Creation
· Image and Illustration Design and Creation (including CD-ROMs and DVDs)
· Filming and Editing for Distribution via Media Streaming
Advertisement Design and Creation · Newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, television commercials, radio commercials, posters
· PR magazine editing and production
· Catalogs (mail-order, etc.), company pamphlets

◆ Advertising Awards
· Nikkei Advertising Awards Financial Advertising Category
   Category Winner and Runner-Up
·Nouvel Product Competition
   Award of Excellence
·Aichi Advertising Association Prize Poster Category
   Category Winner
Others ◆ Editing
· Magazines – from drafting and design to research and writing
· Advertising Collaborations – planning, research and writing for advertising collaborations on product development and sales support

◆ Publishing
· Books
· Photobooks *see Social Contributions

◆ Annual Reports
· Annual reports for individual investors

◆ Newsletters/PR
· Presentation materials for in-house and external company use
· Orientation project support for external cooperative organizations such as advertising agents
· Advertising production control support from graphics to transmission