ecFuture co.,ltd.
ecFuture Company, Limited was established through leveraging our experience as an advertising agent and marketing company. The name of the company was chosen to symbolize our belief that the future lies in ecology, economy and e-commerce, with the initials "ec" taken from the first two letters of these words.
The services provided by our company range from marketing strategies to general sales promotions. Specifically, we offer essential and effective solutions to issues faced by our clients through strategy formulation and execution of the following:
  • Product Development
  • Promotion
  • Publicity & Public Relations
  • Advertising
These services are provided systematically in a process covering:
1. Analysis and Inspection     2. Strategic Planning and Business Model Proposals
We also have a long and diverse list of achievements in Internet-based sales and marketing strategy, such as Misawa Homes' Cat! Project.
Representative Takuji Shokawa